These Are the Things That I've Built

With a little help from my friends

Let's start off with some use cases shall we?

Note: for the last five month I've been doing a lot of things at Spotify, none of which is shipped yet so I can't talk about it. Currently I'm working on on-boarding new users, it's super exciting. Contact me if you want to know more.

Friends Arena

UX Design & Concept / Creuna

Friends Arena is the biggest arena in Scandinavia. As UX Lead I worked closely with the team from the pitch up until the first non-beta version of this responsive website.

See case study

Point Sales Tracker

UX Design & Concept/ Creuna

Point is owned by Verifone and is the leading POS company in Europe. I was UX Lead for the Sales Tracker project whihc aimed to build a payment analytic tool for small businesses.

See case study

More projects

Not all projects get use cases made. But some are still worth mentioning.


The biggest cash till company in Sweden needed a re-design of their website and hired me as a freelance designer. I created the concept, did both the visual and UX design, as well as provided art direction for the photography and films done by motion agency. I also built the website from scratch, using Wordpress as the CMS. I put strong emphasis on SEO and content in order to generate business leads through the website. It’s too early to talk about ROI, but after 6 months, traffic is up by 20%, with a huge increase in mobile traffic and organic search words is slowly climbing the top lists (as opposed to the previous website where all top 20 were variations of the company name).

Worth noting is that the website is fully responsive from tablet and up. I don’t believe in doing responsive web for mobiles, which I explain in depth in this article, so I used a separate theme for smaller devices. All images are full bleed, with long pages, and the navigation is sticky to the left. As they are the biggest company in their area by far, they wanted me to put emphasis on their Clients-page. I created a grid system that randomises their clients, together with animated GIF:s that make the page less busy and provide a nice restaurant touch to the grid. I wanted the visitor to scroll for a long time on this page, and used this method to make it more alive.


GAC Fiat

In China, most car companies are joint-ventures. The classic Italian car company together with a Chinese manufacturer. The project started out as a simple re-design of their current website, but grew into something bigger.

My role was stand in UX Lead while another UX Designer did the wireframes (in Chinese) and provided the Chinese insights. We both worked closely with the Creative Director of the project on both creative direction, information architecture, content strategy and detailed UX deliverables. My role was to up the ambition level of both the actual work but also the internal deliverables (no more Visio, hello Sketch).

The biggest challenge was the cross-language co-operation with site maps and wireframes, when I didn't speak Chinese (Mandarin) and the client didn't understand English. I had to cut a few corners and put my neck on the line a couple of times to make it work, but in the end it turned out quite well.


Upptäck Stockholm

The first ever mobile app for the city of Stockholm features environmentally friendly places for the Stockholmers to visit in their free time. With over 200 places that are both free and have no negative impact on our earth, the app is an extensive guide to a different Stockholm.

I was UX Lead on the project and was in charge of all Interaction Design as well as being part of the creative directions and content strategy. The app changes content twice a year to cater to summer/winter activities. The app has been downloaded more that 90.000 times, was featured by Apple as the Top 5 "Lifestyle" apps of 2012 and won a CIO award for 'Best Green IT-project'.

The biggest challenge was to create an interface that worked equally well for both Android and iPhone. Using a little bit of both while trying to be neither. Most important take away was to never ever have a Back-button in an Android app. Very proud of this little project. Two years later, nothing have changed a part from a little bit of design polish, but I still feel that the app works quite well.

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