I make complicated systems easy to use

And look amazing doing it

To be a good UX designer, all you need is common sense. I think these 3 things make me a great one.


I write

Every word on this website is written by me. I try every day to become a better writer, by writing essays, blog posts, tweets and comp specs.


I code

All code on this website is written by me. I have worked as a Wordpress developer. On my spare time I try to stay on top of recent HTML/CSS trends.


I design

This site is all designed by me. I have worked as an Art Director and design sites, logos and brand guidelines for small companies on my spare time.

I'm a true Httpster. Seriously, nothing in the world makes me happier than working on making digital services better and more beautiful. I spend equal amounts of time in iA Writer, Keynote, Axure and Sketch. Because no matter the idea, from campaign to app to website, you always need to articulate, present, wireframe and design it.

Apart from loving the UX/ID/IA craft and taking pride in doing beautiful wireframes and other UX deliverables I'm quite strong in conceptual design and strategy. Concepts is the core of every project, not just in it's web manifestation, but rather the core of everything from the business model, service model, end customer experience model and end user experience. Bottom line is that I really like this line of work and would do it even if I wasn't paid for it. I find it's easy being great at UX design if you love interfaces, and making them function beautifully.

I find the work leading to the creation of the concept exhilarating if not critical to a sound and compelling solution. Using instrumental workshops, user studies and other emerging research methods is imperative to identifying key business and user goals as the core concept develops as well as helps get all parties on the same page. Having a solid core concept simply elevates the quality and craftsmanship of the end user experience, which is increasingly necessary in a day and age where one solution often needs to be realised across a variety of touch points.

I'm an easy going guy, I get along great with people, co-workers and clients alike. I'm easy to get to know, and if I may say so quite fun to be around. In addition to spending every waking moment feeling an enormous gratitude for working with what I love, I also regularly enjoy a good bike ride with my fixed-gear hipster bike. I'm also big fan of music and have been in a band as well as working as a DJ in various night clubs throughout Sweden. I put a lot of effort into updating my Spotify playlist, you should check it out.

Being great at UX design is easy as long as you love the user.


But don't take my words for it. This is what other, more talented people than me, have to say about my efforts. I'm truly grateful for their kind words. You find the whole list of recommendations on Linked In here.

Ali Ivmark Design Director, Creuna

Nils is pure inspiration. He is eternally driven to create a better world, better service, better experience.

He gets it like few others. He thrives in adversity and delights in monumental challenges. He's a stunning designer and problem solver. He's a seeker, a giver and a devoted team player. A genuine collaborator while also a natural born leader. Where everyone sees only the square peg/round hole, he'll swing by and without batting an eye point to where it actually is in fact a round peg/square hole - and make you think you saw it first!

Fredrik Marcus Creative Director, Creuna

Nils is on of those crazy ambitious, creative guys you know is going to go far (I would be buying shares in him if he were a company). He always pushes for the best ideas and usually gets his will through (but he also listens).

You can tell that he genuinely loves what he does and enjoys going into work every morning, something you don't see in everybody. He has his antennas up and has a great knowledge about what is going on right now in our fast moving lane of the industry. Don't get fooled by his boyish (Tintin) look, this guy is the one to lead a BIG pitch and then deliver on that.

User Experience Is Writing

It's very important to communicate your thoughts through writing. I'm trying to be a better writer everyday. I like to write about design, craft, and culture. You can read some of my favourite pieces so far here.

Experience Slows You Down

An inspirational piece on how having a lot of experience in a field might not be the best thing when it comes to changing it. In order to be disruptive it's better to not know the rules.

My Work Life, So Far.

I've done it all in my 6 years in the business. From working as a general role (designer / front-end) at a small agency in Gothenburg. Then traditional IA work on web systems in Stockholm. Followed by UX for campaigns and ad work in Shanghai. Finally, I'm a Growth and Product designer.

Experience Design Director


Stockholm, Sweden

I lead the creative work for my team, creating great digital experiences for clients. My work vary from strategy, concept design to detailed product design. At the moment I'm working on a video streaming service for Bonnier (TV4) the biggest independent broadcast company in Sweden.

October 2014 - Current (8 months)

Freelance Growth Designer


Stockholm, Sweden

The Growth team on Spotify handles everything related to acquiring new users, transforming them into paying customers, and keeping the paying customers happy. I do graphic design and user experience.

March 2014 - September 2014 (6 months)

Freelance Designer

New Kids on the Web

Stockholm, Sweden

I moved from Shanghai because their digital scene was too far behind. I want to be part of shaping the future, not following others lead. Back in Sweden, while figuring out what to do with my life, I freelanced as UX designer, web designer and front-end developer.

September 2013 - March 2014 (6 months)

Senior UX Designer

Sapient Nitro

Shanghai, China

As one of two UX designers on the company, I was solely responsible for all kinds of UX work for my team. I played a part in the pitching, the discovery phase as well as doing wireframes and user testing. Clients include Bacardi, Fiat, Microsoft and Ferrero.

March 2013 - August 2013 (7 months)

Freelance UX Designer


Shanghai, China

Trying out creative advertising. A third of my time was used for coming up with creative ideas, mostly in the digital realm. The second third was as technical advisor, saying what could be done and what couldn't. The last third was UX work, like User Journeys and wireframes.

November 2012 - February 2013 (3 months)

Senior Interaction Designer


Stockholm, Sweden

For two years I lead the UX, ID, IA and concept development work for clients such as AstraZeneca, Point/Verifone and Stockholm City. My main role was to create the concept, and see to it that it was followed at all times, by clients and fellow teammates alike. The type of projects I was part of ranged from web strategies, website concepts and future vision road maps, to responsive web sites and mobile apps.

November 2010 - October 2013 (2 years)

Art Director

Dynamic Group

Gothenburg, Sweden

Started out as the only web designer in the company, and was part of building a small agency with 6 employees. We went from basically making websites for veterinarians to landing the digital account of Moderaterna Västra Götaland (the west coast branch of the ruling party of Sweden) in about two years. Did equal parts development (Wordpress mostly) and design work, as well as art direction.

September 2008 - November 2010 (3 years)

Intern Interaction Designer

Cordovan Digital

Gothenburg, Sweden

While writing my master thesis (on Digital Interaction Design) I worked full time as an Interaction Designer in a project developing the digital concept and rebranding (from industrial paper provider to luxury packaging company) for Korsnäs, Swedens largest paper manufacturer. Work ranged from target user interviews, to wireframes to concept presentation.

February 2008 - June 2008 (6 months)

Co-op Student

Ericsson GSDC

Dublin, Ireland

During my time in Ireland i was responsible for planning an internal education booking process and delivering a solution, which was a website with a seperate sign up flow in Ericsson's intranet. The work included user studies and user tests, process documentation, development and presentations to three parties in three different offices in Ireland. The solutions was later adopted by several Ericsson GSDC offices all over the world. I also learnt to speak English with a perfect Irish accent (:

June 2007 - October 2007 (6 months)

Master's Programme, Interaction Design and Technologies

Chalmers / IT University

Gothenburg, Sweden

After three years I changed faculty and did my Master in Human Computer Interaction and Interaction Design. I immediately knew that this what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

August 2006 - June 2008 (2 years)

Civil Engineer's programme, Information Technology

Chalmers Uni. of Tech.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Basically three years of Java programming, IP-technology, Network security and a lot of math. Loved my time at school but found out quite quickly that I wasn't going to be a developer in my future work life. I toughed it out and tried another direction after my bachelor studies.

August 2003 - June 2006 (3 years)

Also, worth mentioning is that I attended a Hyper Island Master Class in the summer of 2011. A HIMC is a three-day intensive course in digital marketing and the future of the web and what it means for the role of agencies.